Ron Levinson

President, Director, Producer, Writer

Founder & CEO of Marblepoint, Ron is passionate about providing Marblepoint clients with exceptional service whatever their media needs.

Lin Chen

Senior Vice President, Finance

Responsible for all financial aspects of the company, Lin has held multiple positions in corporate accounting, financial reporting and auditing.

Lejla Ceric

Director of Sales & Marketing
Shuttling back and forth between her native Chicago and Hollywood home away from home, Lejla's ever-present smile and feisty exuberance has won over clients, both old and new.

Yen Nguyen

Director of Asian Sales & Marketing
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Yen is Marblepoint's primary "point person" for the entire Asian continent.

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Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Ron Levinson email: Ron@MarblepointMedia.com

Lin Chen email: Lin@MarblepointMedia.com

Lejla Ceric email: Lejla@MarblepointMedia.com

Asian Office


Yen Nguyen email: Yen@MarblepointMedia.com



It does not get any better than working with Ron Levinson.

Having worked with Ron on TV and movie projects as well as a book, I know firsthand that he is a great writer who is very knowledgeable about all aspects of both the written and graphic media, and without a doubt THE best researcher I have ever encountered. Ron is a tireless worker who leaves no detail left uncovered, and he is a true joy to work with.

If a project demands the best, go with Ron. You will never be disappointed!"

General Hugh Shelton

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (ret.)


I finished reading Without Hesitation. It is well-written, bluntly honest without being mean, and genuinely educational.”

President Bill Clinton

on Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior
by General Hugh Shelton with Ron Levinson


When Ron said he wanted to photograph my f***ing grape harvest in the middle of the night, I told him he was f***ing nuts, but when he showed me the pictures I couldn't believe my eyes.  F***ing gorgeous!  While of course we will use them for our website [which Ron designed and programmed for us], I want to blow them up and display them in a gallery.

I'm talking museum quality photography.

David Gerber

Chairman, MGM Television (ret.) and
Owner, Laraine Winery