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What started as writing partnership with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on his autobiography has blossomed into a diversity of writing opportunities, including prominent biographies, children's books, novels, photographic coffee table books, and more.


Between Ron's head of current programming at MGM to his overseeing scripted TV at Tribune, nobody was better positioned to delve into his own writing than our CEO, and that's exactly what he's done in all genres.


From corporate leaders to sports legends to motivational gurus, we help speakers shine. Sure, we're writers experienced in educating, inspiring and entertaining, but we're also coaches who take pride in working with speakers to hone all elements of their craft.


Without Hesitation

I first met General Hugh Shelton when I had a producer deal at MGM Television, shortly after he received his fourth star and assumed command of US Special Forces, including Navy SEALS, Delta Force and other Top Secret special mission units. I wanted to produce a dramatic TV series surrounding these units, and General Shelton ran them all. We met, instantly hit it off, and a long-standing professional relationship was borne.

It was no surprise to me that not long into the general's command, he was eyed by the President and chosen to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking

military post in our armed forces, overseeing Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, a position he held with distinction for both Presidents Clinton and Bush, plotting our response to 9-11, among many other operations.

Following his retirement from the military, I worked with General Shelton to develop two movies based on events of which he was a vital part. The first was the real story behind the heroic capture of Saddam Hussein; the second, an equally chilling account of what transpired "inside the war room" at the highest level of our government in the two weeks immediately following the 9-11 attack. For these, the site of our many research meetings became his beautiful North Carolina home overlooking the Atlantic, rather than the Pentagon venues at which we had previously met.

Our professional relationship transitioned to one of friendship, and the more I learned about this incredible pillar of character and integrity, the more apparent it became to me that it was his story that had to be told. Not only did he owe it to history to record the multitude of international military operations that played out under his watch, but in the days following the demise of Enron and Global Crossing, I felt it was imperative for the next generation of young Americans to see firsthand that it is possible to rise to the top of one's career with honor and ethics intact, and I have never met anyone who more consistently typifies these values than General Shelton.

For seven years I tried to convince this humble giant to share his story with the world and write his autobiography, and for seven years he modestly declined. I'm not sure if it was the events playing out in the world, or just the fact that he got tired of listening to my whining, but at long last he agreed to tell his story... under one condition: that I be the one to write it with him. I was floored by this honor... and the real journey began.

I urge you to check it out for yourself and pick up the book. Your life will be forever changed.


Co-author, Without Hesitation
President and CEO, Marblepoint Media

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Hugh Shelton's life is a great American story of humble beginnings, fierce determination, patriotism, and honor. He's been a warrior's warrior, a general's general -- and always a truth teller. Without Hesitation is a book for our times.”


General Shelton is a man from another time, when honor and one’s word were more important than personal gain and the fiscal bottom line. I hope there are more like him out there. We need them now, more than ever.”

Tom Clancy

New York Times bestselling author